Kaiju Groupie
Kaiju Groupie is my fanlisting collective and is part of Sectumsempra. I also use KG as a hub for my fan-related projects.
The Name...
The collective's name comes from one of my favorite movies, Pacific Rim. Dr. Hermann Gottlieb uses the phrase in reference to his colleague, Dr. Newton Geiszler.
Information + Credits...
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Fan Site Hub
Feels For Chuck is a sideblog where I post about my strong feelings and reactions towards Chuck Hansen, Herc Hansen, and the actors themselves. Vulgarity level: high.
james wesley would NEVER is another sideblog where I post hypothetical situations that James Wesley would NEVER be part of. Vulgarity level: very mild.
JPHayden Fans is a small fan site (run off a sideblog on Tumblr) for actor John Patrick Hayden, best known for his role in Marvel's Daredevil. Vulgarity level: clean.
Placeholder for any other projects I may create for myself, although I may refrain from doing so since time is so limited and I'm so ridiculously busy.